Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm Still Here...Homeland Updates

I have been quite busy in the past month so I am sorry! I have gotten some great deals but with everything that I have going on (work, family, holidays...the usual) I have not been posting. There are a few deals that I have gotten at Homeland in the past month and some that I am looking forward to doing this week (post holiday). Here are the pre and post holiday deals I have had/been working on.

Pre-Holiday Homeland:
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta (FREE-coupons purchased on Ebay)
Red Gold Diced Tomatoes (FREE)
Kelloggs 12 ct Pop Tarts (.54 after sale and coupon)
Bertolli Pasta Sauce (1.31 clearance one and 2.19 reg ones)
Keebler Cookies (.99 after sale and coupon)

Post-Holiday Homeland:
Welch's Juice (.50 coupons from Ebay)
Continue Ronzoni Deal- Stockpile
Continue Red Gold Deal- Stockpile
Continue Bertolli Deal- Stockpile a few and hope for a sale!
Wait for another Keebler Deal

I will hopefully have another update soon! Keeping an eye out for the deals!