Thursday, February 26, 2009

March...My Birthday Month!

I love my birthday (don't we all) and in the past I haven't ever really gotten the chance to celebrate it. So this year I at least want to take advantage of all the lil rewards when having a birthday so I have listed a few things below that I have compiled (more as I find them) to enjoy as much of a birthday as possible!

Food Related
Baskin Robins - free ice cream cone Click Here to sign up for their birthday club
Lonestar Steakhouse - free $15 coupon on your birthday. Just sign up for their e-club.
Red Robin - free burger on your birthday
Marble Slab Creamery - free birthday surprise (ice cream of sorts)
Joe's Crab Shack - free appetizer w/purchase
Macaroni Grill - join the mac pack (possibly free dessert w/purchase)
On the Border - free food?
Red Lobster - $5 food coupon
Quiznos - free cookie
Orange Julius - free food (their nachos looked good on the site)
Buffalo Wild Wings - free dessert
Fuddruckers - free shake w/purchase
Schlotsky's - free sandwich

Non-Food Related
Sephora - 2 wks before/after your birthday stop in with this printout and pick up your gift

That's a good start. If you know of any more please add them as a comment (thanks) and I will add them to the listing I have... :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homeland Mini Shopping Trip...02/25/09

What can you get for $4.47 after tax??? All the above.

2 Hellmann's Light Mayo 2.99 SP - $1/1 IP = 0.99 ea
1 Dole Romaine Salad Mix 3.19 Reg P - 2.19 (reduced) = 1.00
1 Fritos 2.00 SP (needed for dinner)
1 Roma Tomato for salad 0.24 Reg Price
3 Del Monte 50% Less Salt Veggies 1.35 Reg P - 0.75/1 IP = FREE
3 Kotex Liners 1.29 Reg P - 0.75/1 MQ = FREE
6 Campbell's Cream Soups 1.00 SP - $1/2 IP = FREE

In total I got 17 items for $4.47...not bad.
Add in the $1.00 off your next shopping order catalina that was on one of the closed self checkouts on my way out the door after one of my transactions (my 2 year old stumbled across it) and you have a pretty great deal!

Don't know if anyone noticed this or not but I have a TON of Kotex Pantiliner coupons that I need to use by 03/07/09 (somewhere around 30). One problem with buying coupons on Ebay is that you have to be committed to actually go to the store that many times within the expiration period. It is harder than you think. I have made several trips to buy pantiliners and I am almost half way done with my stack. I figured I would buy them and then donate some to the W.I.S.H. (Women in Safe Homes) in my town but oh my gosh is this more work than I realized! I am still dedicated though...

Money left for February $3.36

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$125 a Month Update

Many of you may have noticed the "lack thereof" of posting for February...I'm SORRY! The truth is I have had so many things going on that I just never actually got in front of the computer for long enough to make a post. Ah! So, the other failure on my part was not keeping a total of my February expenses until my update tonight. I was kind of scared to add it up because I could only imagine what the numbers would be...but to my surprise I actually did quite well not having a clue where I was in spending for the month. I did manage (by a technicality) to stay under budget for February. I know if you see my total to the side of $252.27 you will say (um...maybe your math is off) but let me explain.
I did have to stop in for a few things this afternoon and one of them was (dun dun dun) pull-ups. I was just going to buy one package but then decided that I needed two of them to get the "good deal" (save $2 when you buy two before my $2/1 coupons) so I bought two and split the amount between February and March (since I didn't really need them anyway but couldn't justify paying a higher price of $1 per pkg just to keep under budget). This was a judgement call on my part and only now after adding up the month did I decide that my decision (with myself) was a good one. So, I am actually under for February by 7.83 and have used 9.40 of March money. My rules were $125 a month but this was only a guideline so I am still within reason even if I count this in my total. I might still have a receipt somewhere that hasn't been counted in but I am crossing my fingers that I don't.

Amy's Pasta Salad Recipe

A co-worker of mine made a similar version of this so I dolled it up a bit for my family's taste. I love recipes like this because you can just throw in whatever you have around the house!!! :)

1- 14.5 oz can Petite Diced Tomatoes (0.25/can)
1- 40z can sliced mushrooms (1.29/can) Not purchased on sale
1/2- can black olives, sliced (1.49/can so 0.75) Not purchased on sale
1- medium zucchini, sliced and quartered (0.84)
1/2 onion, diced (maybe .10- purchased 6 per bag for 1.25 not too long ago)
1 large chicken breast (got this free from a neighbor- farm raised...yum)
1 box Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta- Rotini Shape (FREE)
1/2 cup mayo (after this next purchase this would be about 0.15)
1/2 cup Italian Dressing (1.00 for bottle so maybe 0.25)
1/2 cup shredded cheese (0.63? 2 cups per bag)

1. Cook pasta and drain pasta. Set aside.
2. Saute together zucchini and diced onion in pan with maybe 1 Tbsp butter. Set aside.
3. Grill chicken and let rest before dicing.
4. Mix separately with a whisk the mayo and Italian Dressing (you may only need 1/3 cup of each--to taste)
5. Place all ingredients together and combine until well mixed.
6. Top with shredded cheese and then let cool.

This pasta is great served right then after cooling in the fridge with a slight chill. It is even better the next day for lunch. This makes quite a bit and is filling so it may be something you want to take to a family gathering this summer. The thing I love best about this pasta is that it is versatile. Add what you want and delete out what you don't like of my ingredients. Enjoy!

Planning for Homeland Trip on Sunday 03/01/09

In the past I have always shown what I am have purchased but since I had the time and got my circular early I am going to post the things that I will be buying this weekend at my Homeland. Hope this helps to everyone wanting to plan their shopping trip early! (I will update this particular blog as I find more deals worth noting)

Cascade Action Packs 3.99 SP - $1/1 P&G Mailer or $1/1 Feb P&G MQ = 1.99 ea
Keebler Sandies Cookies 3.00 SP - $1/1 IP= 1.00 ea *
Frito Chips/Bean Dips 2.00 SP - $1/2 (not dbld) store catalina = 3.00 (1 chip and 1 dip)
Ronzoni Bistro 2.45 SP - $1/1 IP = 0.45 *
Ronzoni Bistro 2.45 SP - B1G1 Free (comb w/above) = FREE
Egglands Cage Free Eggs Doz 1.99 SP - .50/1 MQ = 1.00
Hellman's Light Mayo 2.99 - $1/1 IP = 0.99 (GREAT Deal) **
Kotex Lightdays Liners 1.29 Reg P - .75/1 MQ = FREE
Post Cereal 1.67 ea - $1/2 MQ = .67 ea
Chex Mix 1.69 SP - $1/1 IP = FREE *
Hiland Butter Sticks 1.69 SP (just a good deal)
Era Laundry Detergent 3.99 SP (just a good deal)
Borden Cheese Slices 1.59 (just a good deal)

Campbell's Cream Soups 1.00 SP - $1/2 IP = FREE ***
Del Monte 50% Less Salt Veggies 1.35 RP - 0.75/1 IP = FREE ***
Rubbermaid Containers 2.31 Clearanced - $1/1 IP = 0.31 ****

*I looked but these coupons are not availabe for Internet Printing anymore...
** Got this off of under the Homeland Forum for this weeks timeframe
*** Got this off of in one of her blog notations this week
****I think this is at (I will ty to post the exact location later)

This is what I have found so far. I may be doing multiples of the cookies and cascade since I have the extra coupons. I try to send the cookies overseas to my brother and the dish soap is always a necessity. I also have a $5/$25 transaction so I will get as much as I can for this amount. I have another one that is good starting 3/11 so I am excited about this. I seem to get these coupons 1-2 times per year and its always like Christmas when I do. I think I do enough business at Homeland using my One Card so they mail them to me. I also love when I get coupons in the mail from Braums. I still have hamburger meat leftover as well as a bit of chicken so we should be good to go. Always could use more so I hope to find some marked down... :)

Homeland and Walgreens Shopping...02/24/09

Items Not Pictured (as usual): 1 can sliced mushrooms, 1 can black olives, 2 cans crescent rolls, 1 2-liter Pepsi, 1 half gallon chocolate milk, 1 fresh zucchini

I went to the store in 4 transactions to get the above. Here is the breakdown of the prices I paid:

Sara Lee Bread 1.79 SP (bought for trxn below)
Hiland Half Gallon Chocolate Milk 1.69 SP -1.00 Tearpad Q (comb w/bread) = 0.69
Chex Mix 1.69 SP - $1/1 IP = FREE
Country Bob's 1.99 SP - Free Coupon in Mail = FREE
Aquafresh Toothpaste 1.00 SP - .75/1 IP = FREE
Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup 1.00 SP - $1/2 = FREE
Ronzoni Bistro Pasta 2.45 SP - $1/1 IP = FREE
Ronzoni Bistro Pasta 2.45 SP - B1G1 FREE (comb w/above)= FREE
Lightdays Pantiliners 1.29 Reg P - .75/1 MQ = FREE
Dawn Soap 1.99 Reg P - $1/1 P&G Mailer = FREE
Cascade Rinse Aid 3.69 Reg P - FREE P&G Mailer = FREE
Keebler Cookies 2.50 SP - $1/1 IP = 0.50
Olives 1.49 Reg P (needed them for dinner- new recipe)
Sliced Mushrooms (canned) 1.29 Reg P (recipe)
Borden Shredded Cheese 2.49 SP (recipe)
Daisy Sour Cream 1.00 SP (just needed)
Nabisco 100 Cal Oreo Cakesters 2.50 SP - $2/2 = 1.50 ea
Hormel Pepperoni 1.00 SP - .35/1 MQ = 0.30
Crescent Rolls 2.47 SP (reduced down for dating) = 0.99
Earthgrains Wheatberry Bread 2.59 SP - .55/1 MQ = 1.49
Fresh Zucchini 0.84 (recipe)
Williams Chili Seasoning 1.00 SP - .25/1 MQ = 0.50
Pepsi 1.25 SP (hubby wanted)

2 pkgs Huggies Diapers 11.49 ea or 2/20.98 - $2/1 for each pkg = 8.49 ea

(I will be so happy when we are finally potty trained)