Sunday, March 1, 2009

Homeland Shopping 03/01/09

All of the above cost me $34.68 after tax (this was 122.66 before tax and coupons/sales).

This was mostly my pre-planning I listed in an earlier blog plus a couple of extra items.
Items not noted anywhere else in this blog are:

Formula 409 2.50SP - 1.00 MQ (todays paper) = 0.50 ea

Amount remaining for March $80.93 (I will have to deduct about $12 once I repay a friend for some chicken she bought me at Sam's this weekend. I would have needed it this month anyway). It was $1.97/lb.

I still need to buy some trash can liners, light bulbs, and some dog food so we are going to be using most of our budget VERY early this month!!! Good thing I have another $5/25 purchase coupon that is good on 03/11/09. I checked Homeland's circular (came in the mail yesterday) and it is slim pickings on coupon savings for my family next week so that will help since I don't need to be spending anyway...~~WHEW~~