Saturday, October 17, 2009

Financial Update

Okay, so while living with my parents I have chosen to focus on debt from my marriage (that almost seems like a cliche in today's society...move home with the parents and try to clean up the past in more than one way). So, although I am not ready to say that I am "debt free" yet I can say that of my personal debt I have been very focused, because let's face it, staying with the parents (as loving as they are) is no picnic when you condense yourself into 1/10 of a space you had been living in. So, where am I at with my debt? Well, here's a run down...I paid off one debt immediately after moving in with my parents and one more a month after that (so that pretty much sums up the summer months).

In the month of August my credit card company got in touch with me and we negotiated a much smaller amount of pay off since the account was so large (given the circumstances I jumped at the opportunity). So, I have been focusing on paying near $1k a month on that debt for the past 2 1/2 months and I am pleased to say I will be debt free on this account November 6th! That was my HUGE headache of a credit card so I am very pleased to be near done with it.

For another credit card I have been throwing every additional penny I have at it and am pleased to say that I will be making the final payment on it October 23rd! That's 2 debts down JUST LIKE THAT!!!

My other huge accomplishment was a credit card that I made a phone call to and discussed with them the situation and my ability to focus on debt and through that phone call we were able to lower my monthly payment as well as lower my APR by nearly 1/5 of what it previously was. Yes, it had gotten this bad but I am okay admitting it because I am doing what I can to CORRECT the situation. So, I am able to cut my payment to this card in half and use that money to focus on a credit card with a much higher interest rate (I am skipping Dave Ramsey's theory on paying off the smaller balance first because of the interest rate issue).

So, with these above situations where will that put me? Well, I will have 4 of 7 personal debts that I will have completely paid off as of 11/06/09. I will post the amounts off all of this debt after I am paid off but I will say that so far I have nearly paid off over half of my debts. This will help me stay focused. I should be able to have one more paid off by the end of the year which will be WONDERFUL. I will keep this posted as I update my amounts. It's okay to admit you have lots of debt...most all do.