Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Have I Been?

In a nutshell the past few months have been crazy but I am still here. I have changed my living condition to now living with my parents. Why is it that when we have a major change in our lives we feel like we need to move home for a few months, sort things out, and then step back into the world? I have been ready for this change but with my things in storage and my head held high I will be okay.
So, on to more important things. I haven't even been shopping that much lately. I haven't gotten a Sunday paper in months and I have donated my "stockpile" to the parents while I am living here. So, since they haven't had much storage on their shelves I have been paying out of pocket for meals more than I like but NO MORE! I have refigured my budget to be back on track. Look for more posts as I work my way back into "normalcy."