Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting Started

Okay, I have always wanted to do coupon shopping more regularly. I have used coupons in the past and have had success but now I want to actually keep track of what I am saving. I am hoping that this blog will allow me to do so.

I think the best I have done to my minds knowledge is the time I went to Albertsons in town while they were having an 8 hour sale plus doubling coupons at the same time. The goal when I went was to stockpile a few things because I was 7 months pregnant so I didn't have to leave the house so much during those first few weeks. I took my trusty coupons which was not a large stack by any means. I went down each of the aisles and compared the coupons I had with what was on sale. If after the coupon it was what I was willing to pay for the item I grabbed it. I think I tried to stay under $1.00 or so (this was a couple of years ago so bear with me). Two hours later I finally made my way to the checkout (the excercise was good) with my coupons in tow. The lady added up my total and it was $170.00 and then the 8-hour sale prices kicked in and it dropped to somwhere around $80.00. This was not too bad. Then I handed over my coupons. The lady made me feel kind of bad for having coupons and the comment under her breath made me feel bad (what's so wrong with free money???). Anyways, the joke was on her and I felt elated to discover that my originally $170.00ish total was now a mere $35.00. HA! I saved $135.00 in one trip to the grocery store!

My husband had to help me unload the items when I got back because my trunk and back seat were stuffed. We lived in an apartment at the time so we all know how much kitchen space they have. By the time my son arrived we only had to hit the store for milk, bread, and eggs (the usual- which my husband gladly did for me during those first few weeks).

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