Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello from the Kitchen

When I work in the kitchen I try to do a number of things that save me time. I worked at a restaurant in college and then sold food as an independent distributor for a while. While I don't do those things anymore the concepts that I learned have greatly improved how I view my kitchen. What I hated worse than anything was the 4:00 p.m. timeframe sitting at my desk at work running through a number of recipes in my head trying to picture what was in my cabinet and what I had in my freezer. I almost always thought of something that included some kind of meat that was usually frozen solid, raw in my freezer. That was the past and I hope this blog will help you to understand how to better manage your time in the kitchen because the less time you spend in front of the stove, microwave, etc. the more money you will save in the end.

On the side of my blog are Labels. Please look at the Kitchen Tips and Recipes Sections for Items that I think are great. For the recipes some are ones I have created and some are internet inspired.

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