Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Update 11/2/08

I stopped at Homeland this weekend and got some good deals on the above items. Here's the breakout:

Bagelfuls on sale 2.00 less 1.00 coupon doubled= FREE (better than last week)
Kraft Cheese clearanced out at 0.99 no coupons (was 2.91 originally)
Chex Mix $2.00 used 0.50 coupon doubled= 1.00
Ekrich Sausage 2/5.00 -1.00/2 (dbld) =3.00
Welch's Juice 64oz reg 4.39 on sale 3.09 less 1.00 coupon (dbld)=1.09
Era on sale 3.50 (cheaper than Walmart) so I got it
Biz on sale 5.39 less 1.00 coup (dbld)= 3.39 still not too bad and we needed it
Meat near sale date so it was on sale saved 1.19 on it
Lever 2000 was 2.39 less 1.00 coup (dbld)= 0.39

So, I bought $50.32 in items and paid $20.86 (considering $6.89 of that was detergent I needed this wasn't too bad).

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