Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homeland Mini Shopping Trip...02/25/09

What can you get for $4.47 after tax??? All the above.

2 Hellmann's Light Mayo 2.99 SP - $1/1 IP = 0.99 ea
1 Dole Romaine Salad Mix 3.19 Reg P - 2.19 (reduced) = 1.00
1 Fritos 2.00 SP (needed for dinner)
1 Roma Tomato for salad 0.24 Reg Price
3 Del Monte 50% Less Salt Veggies 1.35 Reg P - 0.75/1 IP = FREE
3 Kotex Liners 1.29 Reg P - 0.75/1 MQ = FREE
6 Campbell's Cream Soups 1.00 SP - $1/2 IP = FREE

In total I got 17 items for $4.47...not bad.
Add in the $1.00 off your next shopping order catalina that was on one of the closed self checkouts on my way out the door after one of my transactions (my 2 year old stumbled across it) and you have a pretty great deal!

Don't know if anyone noticed this or not but I have a TON of Kotex Pantiliner coupons that I need to use by 03/07/09 (somewhere around 30). One problem with buying coupons on Ebay is that you have to be committed to actually go to the store that many times within the expiration period. It is harder than you think. I have made several trips to buy pantiliners and I am almost half way done with my stack. I figured I would buy them and then donate some to the W.I.S.H. (Women in Safe Homes) in my town but oh my gosh is this more work than I realized! I am still dedicated though...

Money left for February $3.36

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