Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$125 a Month Update

Many of you may have noticed the "lack thereof" of posting for February...I'm SORRY! The truth is I have had so many things going on that I just never actually got in front of the computer for long enough to make a post. Ah! So, the other failure on my part was not keeping a total of my February expenses until my update tonight. I was kind of scared to add it up because I could only imagine what the numbers would be...but to my surprise I actually did quite well not having a clue where I was in spending for the month. I did manage (by a technicality) to stay under budget for February. I know if you see my total to the side of $252.27 you will say (um...maybe your math is off) but let me explain.
I did have to stop in for a few things this afternoon and one of them was (dun dun dun) pull-ups. I was just going to buy one package but then decided that I needed two of them to get the "good deal" (save $2 when you buy two before my $2/1 coupons) so I bought two and split the amount between February and March (since I didn't really need them anyway but couldn't justify paying a higher price of $1 per pkg just to keep under budget). This was a judgement call on my part and only now after adding up the month did I decide that my decision (with myself) was a good one. So, I am actually under for February by 7.83 and have used 9.40 of March money. My rules were $125 a month but this was only a guideline so I am still within reason even if I count this in my total. I might still have a receipt somewhere that hasn't been counted in but I am crossing my fingers that I don't.

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