Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Planning for Homeland Trip on Sunday 03/01/09

In the past I have always shown what I am have purchased but since I had the time and got my circular early I am going to post the things that I will be buying this weekend at my Homeland. Hope this helps to everyone wanting to plan their shopping trip early! (I will update this particular blog as I find more deals worth noting)

Cascade Action Packs 3.99 SP - $1/1 P&G Mailer or $1/1 Feb P&G MQ = 1.99 ea
Keebler Sandies Cookies 3.00 SP - $1/1 IP= 1.00 ea *
Frito Chips/Bean Dips 2.00 SP - $1/2 (not dbld) store catalina = 3.00 (1 chip and 1 dip)
Ronzoni Bistro 2.45 SP - $1/1 IP = 0.45 *
Ronzoni Bistro 2.45 SP - B1G1 Free (comb w/above) = FREE
Egglands Cage Free Eggs Doz 1.99 SP - .50/1 MQ = 1.00
Hellman's Light Mayo 2.99 - $1/1 IP = 0.99 (GREAT Deal) **
Kotex Lightdays Liners 1.29 Reg P - .75/1 MQ = FREE
Post Cereal 1.67 ea - $1/2 MQ = .67 ea
Chex Mix 1.69 SP - $1/1 IP = FREE *
Hiland Butter Sticks 1.69 SP (just a good deal)
Era Laundry Detergent 3.99 SP (just a good deal)
Borden Cheese Slices 1.59 (just a good deal)

Campbell's Cream Soups 1.00 SP - $1/2 IP = FREE ***
Del Monte 50% Less Salt Veggies 1.35 RP - 0.75/1 IP = FREE ***
Rubbermaid Containers 2.31 Clearanced - $1/1 IP = 0.31 ****

*I looked but these coupons are not availabe for Internet Printing anymore...
** Got this off of http://www.afullcup.com/ under the Homeland Forum for this weeks timeframe
*** Got this off of http://www.moneysavingmom.com in one of her blog notations this week
****I think this is at www.rubbermaid.com (I will ty to post the exact location later)

This is what I have found so far. I may be doing multiples of the cookies and cascade since I have the extra coupons. I try to send the cookies overseas to my brother and the dish soap is always a necessity. I also have a $5/$25 transaction so I will get as much as I can for this amount. I have another one that is good starting 3/11 so I am excited about this. I seem to get these coupons 1-2 times per year and its always like Christmas when I do. I think I do enough business at Homeland using my One Card so they mail them to me. I also love when I get coupons in the mail from Braums. I still have hamburger meat leftover as well as a bit of chicken so we should be good to go. Always could use more so I hope to find some marked down... :)

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