Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year...New Me

I decided that with the new year I would stick to my budgeting plans for 2010. What are those plans? Well, most of the plan includes me only spending $100 every two weeks for food/household items. This averages $50/week but with coupon shopping we all know that there are some weeks that are good and some bad. That being said as long as I remain within my budget for the two weeks I will be happy. I downloaded a new coupon savings spreadsheet from a fellow blogger and will be using this to track my progress. The one I used last year was a good one but this one is a bit more simplified so with my adjustments (like wanting to track how much I spend on items vs. tax I think I am good to go). So, how have I done so far? Well, that post is coming up next. : )

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