Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walgreens Addict...I Believe

I didn't realize I liked Walgreens as much as I do. I used to be addicted to food buys at Homeland but now I realize more and more of my trips are to "Wags." I hope to find a balance at some point but for now I am enjoying it. I made my trip to Walgreens today and yesterday so how did I do? Well, no pic to post (mostly because I am too lazy this evening) but I did get $46.78 in retail items for $15.71. Not great but not bad. Here's the scoop:

2 Colgate Max Toothpaste 2.99 ea - .75/1 Q = 2.24 (receive $2 RR ea)
3 Thermacare Heat Wrap Neck/Arm 2.49 - $1/1IP = 1.49 (receive $2.50 RR)
3 Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioner 3/$12 (receive $5 RR)
2 Windex Spray Items 2/4.29 (B1G1 Free) - $1/1 Q (x2) = 1.15 ea
1 Tuf Trash Bags 2.99

Note: I did another transaction but used my FSA card to get 2 Triaminic and 1 Thermacare Wrap which is not part of my $100 budget but it got me an additional $7.50RR. : )

Subtotal before coupons: 46.78
Coupons/RR: (22.50)
Discounts: (11.77)

Taxes paid: 3.20
Total OOP: $15.71

Total Savings $34.27 (73.3%)
Left to Spend (until 01/15/10)
in cash
$22.00 in RR
$7.00 in ECBs @ CVS

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