Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saving for an apartment...again

Okay, we all remember moving for college, right? We remember how much that wonderful trip to Walmart, Target, or other large store cost. The fridge, the extra long California twin bedsheets/padding, microwave, food, necessities, etc.

Then there is the first apartment spend...ich! I remember my roommate from college and I filling a basket as two young 20 year olds moved that barely rolling cart (so full items were literally falling out) to the front of the store on that unforgettable day. I don't know if the looks we got were from the over $300 we each spent or the fact that we were 120 lbs a piece and they were wondering how long it would take for us to eat all that we got. Either way I remember there was barely any room for us to fit in the car on the way home.

Next there was moving out after college once I got a regular job which meant another large trip to the (unnamed) store but this time my two baskets cost me over $700 and did I mention I moved into a ONE bedroom apartment?!

Okay, so that sets up the story. If you have read any of my blog you will know that I have gone through some major changes in the past year (living wise, financial, and emotional) and this time I want to be ready for that eventful day. I am watching my pennies and living on a budget so let's just say there is not enough wiggle room in the budget to allow for such expenditures. I have been spending now what I will spend when I move out but since I am living at home I am spending the money on shelf stable items (food, cleaning, household, and toiletry related) to train myself to my budget as I adjust in my new place. I am hoping that the only thing I have to spend when I move out is on food related items that are refrigerated which aren't the greatest to "stockpile."

Where am I in the stockpiling? Well my goal was to have one of everything I needed (razors, deoderant, shampoo, canned goods that I normally use, etc.) but I seem to be buying more of items I don't need as often but the deals are just too good to pass up! I have stopped being "brand loyal" but I have bought one of my normal items (like my Caress Daily Silk Body Wash I have used for YEARS) in case I get a rash/breakout from the stockpile items. You never know. I also emailed Caress to see about coupons because I LOVE my soap but I usually don't catch it on sale.

Well, here I go on my $100/2 weeks budget. So far so good. Let's see how I fare after next payday (01/15/10).

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