Thursday, January 22, 2009

01/22/09 Update

I have been spending some more money stocking up on certain key items that were on sale and since I only have $34.85 left for my budget this month (the next 9 days) I am going to try and pick up some hamburger meat at Homeland (10.00 after tax should get me 5 lbs of meat to cook and store in my freezer). This should last me until the next time it is on sale.

I also got some coupons in the mail today for Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners (I bought them on Ebay) but this is because I can now figure my OOP (out of pocket) expense will only be the tax for each pkg so its a good deal even for the $3.00 I spent for the coupons on Ebay. I will have enough pantiliners when this is all over said and done to last me over a year (maybe 2) and I will be able to donate some at the end of the year as well...GOOD deal.

Well, beyond that I am going to have to get some dish soap for the dishwasher and I also might need to pick up some more Huggies Pull ups as well as milk. I am going to try and strech this last bit of money to make it. It is only FREE items for me until next month unless it is a necessity.

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