Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Grand Summary...dundundun

Okay, for 2008 I didn't actually set any goals so now I am going to sum up the highlights/lowlights of the year:

My Brother joined the Military (did this once already but had to discharge due to injury at Basic)
---He will leave for Afghanistan on January 9, 2009, please pray he will have a safe and life fulfilling time learning and being more wordly overseas.

My sister moved home with my parents. She has two beautiful daughters and this move caused them to go to our Alma Mater High School...good thing. :) Our dryer died just before she moved out so rather than buy one we "borrowed" hers until she gets a place of her own again.

Our son started potty training (officially) on December 31, 2008...

My husbands sister had an eventful year (leaving it at that) but it appears she has found happiness through the storm by the end of 2008.

We used up our savings throughout the year on the small things that kept hitting us. We did fix the dryer before it died again, got a pen out of the toilet (early potting training lesson for our 2 year old), recharged the Air Conditioner, fixed the hot tub partially (needs a bit more work and TLC but it is a start), repainted/remodeled (wallpaper removal and mudding) the first bathroom as well as the kitchen, started our son in daycare 14 weeks earlier than our budget planned for ($$$$), and I am sure a few other things that I either forgot about or blocked from my memory.

My work building was damaged in the storm on July 3rd so we relocated to our warehouse until remodeling was complete the week before Christmas. Total remodel and it looks GREAT!

This just about sums up the year for us. My 2009 goals will be posted just after this one. :)

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