Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homeland In The Snow/Freezing Rain/Ice!!!

I was at work today with all the Snow (err..freezing rain/ice) that fell here in Oklahoma and headed home when I remembered that Homeland had Hamburger Meat on Sale for $1.69/lb!!! So, (it was already on the way I swear) I stopped in to pick up a few pounds for freezing. Not a lot because my budget said "no" but I got what I needed until I find it again. So, here's what I got:

Item Missing: 12pk Dr. Pepper (this always happens when I do pics)

Breakdown OOP 12.84; Savings 23.82
3lbs Hamburger Meat @ 1.69lb
Colgate Toothpaste SP 1.50 -.75 MC (x2)= FREE!
LD Crispy Treats SP 1.45-.55 IP (x2)= .35
Suave Shamp/Cond SP 1.00ea- 1.00/2 MC (x2)= FREE!

Raisins 14 mini pkgs SP 1.00ea- 1.00/2 MC (x2)= FREE!
Fiber Plus Bars SP 2.00-.75 IP (x2)= .50
BC Scalloped Potatoes SP 1.00- .40 IP (x2)= .20
TGIF Spinach Dip SP 3.95-1.50 Catalina Coupon= 2.45
12pk Dr. Pepper SP 2.96

I always feel like I have to justify each purchase so I bought the pop for storage at my desk at work (canned pop is .65 ea) and lately I have been having crazy Dr. Pepper cravings (NOT pregnant) but this will still save me money vs. "the machine." The TGIF was a complete impulse buy but at least I had a coupon. I am a sucker for Alfredo based Spinach Dip and with our budget there is not much eating out so I am satisfying a craving without experiencing 2 year old at a restaurant issues (you all know what I mean- I used to wait tables and OH the stories). I think the raisins would be a good Valentines Day Party treat for my lil' mans 2 year old daycare class and at FREE, why not? The crispy treats at 0.35 will get shipped overseas in my brothers Valentines Day Care Package. Part of having is giving, right?

Money Spent for January: 118.97
Money left in Budget for January: 6.03 (only 4 days to go!!)


Sarah said...

Thank you so much for the 'been there, done that' reply on my freezer post. I like the 'kit' idea. I'm gonna try that.

Are you doing ok with this storm? Do you ever get on hot coupon world for the homeland match-ups? We have a homeland up here too!

lifesajourney29 said...


Hope the kit idea works out. It makes it easier in so many ways. I will try to post a few "kits" on here as I get the time.

I do most of my looking up on moneysavingmom.com, afullcup.com (forums), and some on cosumerqueen.com (she is from Edmond, OK). I have looked at HCW before but haven't been very consistent on that site.

Hope you are enjoying the week out of school! Our friend is a teacher and I think he has cabin fever pretty bad!