Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Packages to Afghanistan...My Brother!!!

My brother just left to go overseas on the 8th of this month for his deployment so I made a promise to him and a goal to myself to send him a care package every two weeks when I get paid. So, here is package #1! By the way couponing is so great. Most of the items I am sending I got really inexpensive so I am just mostly out the shipping (which keeps going up)!!!

Here are most of the items before packing:

My two year old (almost three) wanted to help with the packing. It is so important he is a part of this. He actually asked if he could send Bubba (his uncle) some of his snack he got at the store (the oatmeal creme pies)...
Here we are packed to go, with shipping at $11.95 for the box I try to stuff it as best I can. We are going to do another box this weekend for Valentines Day. Shipping time is approximately 7-10 days so if I ship on Monday the 2nd it should arrive in plenty of time :)

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