Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grocery Budget for 2009

Okay, I am setting my family with a $125.00 a month grocery budget for the entire year of 2009. That is $1500 for the year...can we do it???? I am hoping we can and I think by blogging it I can hold myself accountable so here goes nothing!!!

What does our $125/month budget call for??? It calls for groceries, necessities, toiletries, hygiene, our sons pull-ups, dog food, and mostly anything that we would normally have to get at Wal-mart. This does not count underwear, my regular make-up (I will include special buys but I use a particular make-up and will not change this so it is in a separate budget line), clothing, etc.

Will I go over some months? I will try my ABSOLUTE BEST to not go over this budget while trying to stockpile for certain things. If there is a great deal I may but it will be minimal and I am sure some months will be a bit under so it is not exact but pretty darn close.

Where will I get my coupons? Well, most of them are from the internet because stores I shop at allow them. I do buy (not religiously but I am doing better) a Sunday Paper each week (this does NOT come out of my budget). Also, if it is an everyday item that I can get for free or near free I have felt it okay to purchase coupons on Ebay, etc. I know some people are against this but I also know that those people MAY purchase more than one Sunday paper. Since I don't want to spend $1.50 per copy to get the paper and only use 2-3 coupons out of each I would rather spend the $3-4 on the internet and get 1-2 sets of coupons for the things that we use most often.
ex: I (like most other women) use pantiliners. Now, most of us know that these things for a fairly decent box at Wal-mart are like $7.00 (guesstimate here). I would rather spend $3.00 on the internet purchasing 30 or more coupons to get 0.75/1 any size box coupon. This coupon will allow me to get the 22ct box at my Homeland (which doubles coupons up to $1.00) for free. So, now I can get 660 or more pantliners for $3.00 or so. This works for me but ONLY on free products that are shelf stable and we use in our home regularly...not just because I saw it. It is easy to get crazy with the Ebay me.

I am hoping to put posts in here for Monthly updates on what we got as a sum so I hope I stay consistent!

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