Tuesday, January 27, 2009

$6.03 Left...4 Days To Go...Can I Make It???

I ran by the store today to pick up some Hamburger Meat as discussed previously as well as a 12pk of Dr. Pepper (not usually a HUGE pop drinker) but at $0.65 per can at work I thought I'd better go ahead and get it while it was on sale. After tallying todays spend (above) I am down to $6.03 in my budget to last me the next 4 days. This wouldn't be too bad except that when I got home my hall light and spare bedroom light bulbs burned out and of course I went to get new ones from the storage area to find out that....I'm out. Dang the luck! I also forgot to pick up the dish detergent which was not a good thing. We are having an ice storm here so if I get stuck in tomorrow I will either have to load the presoaked dishes to await the soap or wash them all by hand...well, I do have some old styrofoam plates as well as Chinet plates so maybe we can use those instead. :) I did okay on the items I bought becaue they were mostly free but the big ticket items (Dr. Pepper 12pk, Hamburger Meat, and the impulse buy Spinach Dip (I had a coupon though!!)) brought my total to $12.84.

No more shopping for me unless it is light bulbs but I think they can wait until Sunday when I get my next months budget started (I borrowed bulbs from the bedroom light fixture which was a bit bright anyway). I have some Hellman's Mayo Coupons that expire on the 31st so I will be debating this purchase (better to stay under budget or to stock up when a coupon expires?). I will wait to debate this one amongst myself.

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