Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Goals...Post 1

Labeling this as "Post 1" because there are always things that cause us to add, delete, and/or modify our current goals. Here is a start:

1. Make time for myself at least once a month. I need a break and have overlooked treating myself in the last 3 1/2 years (pregnancy, motherhood). I need this for my sanity.
2. A lunch date at least a month with my girlfriends whom all work different schedules.

1. Potty train my 2 1/2 year old before his 3rd birthday in mid April.
2. Play outside more in the warmer days. I kept my little one in quite a bit for his immune system before now and I think it is time to evolve a bit more. Make a park play date at least twice a month.
3. Read more to my little one. We started Charlotte's Web on New Year's Day. I would like to read him at least 10 books this year similar to this.
4. To go with #3, my son loves the library. I would like to make a commitment to take him there at least twice a month (once a week if we can fit it in).
5. I make dinner most of the time because I like to cook so I am going to set my goals to cook once a day 5 days a week.
6. Send my brother a package to his station in Afghanistan (he just left Jan. 8, 2009) once every payday (biweekly). I already have the boxes and custom forms ready. I will try to get my parents to do my off week so he is receiving items regularly plus he will hopefully have enough to share the wealth. One man with Toilet Paper could very well be the best friend of another man...or so my theory believes. :) Good thing I am doing couponing to be able to afford all these packages (26 of them)!!!
7. Write down one thing my son does each day that amazes me, funny things, not so funny things (messes mommy gets to clean up) and share a few of these with my brother so he can not feel left out when he gets back home. My son is 2 1/2 now so by the time my brother gets home he will be 4. They grow up so much in that timeframe.

1. Work out my annual cashflow budget (just my finances) down to the penny of what my salaried check will be. I have this done two ways. One for my monthly spend for each of my bills. Then I broke this down by paycheck so I know exactly what I am paying and when. (I finished this on the first and got paid on the was SOO nice to have this laid out because my brain is usually fried at the first of the month. Because of the above I will now be able to do the following in 2009 (pending no major changes):

--Pay off my car in May 2009 (this is when it was set to finish anyway)
--live on our budget of $125.00 a month on average of food/toiletries expenses for 2009.
--Pay off one credit card, most of another, and 1/2 of a third in 2009. (see a few lines down..may be able to finish off all three)
--Save and actually keep my savings this year rather than spend on other things.
--Because of above I have actually set up two additional savings items this year: Emergency Fund and Car Maintenance/Repair Fund.
--I have a flex spending account for health care as well as dependent care (day care) so I do not have to factor health care amounts into my spending. Doctor visits and medicine are not included in my budget because of my plan. I have factored in regular payments to my sons daycare as if I were not being reimbursed for half of it. I will try to use the reimbursements ($2,500 or so for the year) from dependent care to cover more credit card bills or place into savings. Either would be nice.
--I would like to save some of the above money to fly to meet my brother when he returns home to his base in NY in 2010 but that is only if I can afford it. Hoping I can!!!

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